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Domitille noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Adorable little restaurant. I enjoyed myself 🥰 (Original) Adorable petit restaurant. Je me suis régalée 🥰

3 months ago
J B noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Delicious food. But what touched me was this service full of respect, attention, and a gentleness that I have not seen in any other restaurant... Thank you for this moment! (Original) Cuisine délicieuse. Mais ce qui m'a touché reste ce service plein de respect, d'attention, et d'une douceur que je n'ai vu dans aucun autre restaurant... Merci pour ce moment !

4 months ago
Didier Amiot noted on Google

(Translated by Google) A change of scenery in the heart of Paris. An island in the middle of the land of gourmands. (Original) Un dépaysement en plein Paris. Une ile au milieu du pays des gourmands.

4 months ago
Sébastien Gazel noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Super good 🤤 😋 I recommend @💯% (Original) Super bon 🤤 😋 je recommande @💯%

4 months ago
Yuyu noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The service is very good and the cocotte is delicious. Overall, I am very satisfied. The only pity is that the restaurant is a bit small. (Original) 服务很好,cocotte 也很好吃,总之都很满意,唯一可惜的点是餐馆有点小

4 months ago
Eitanite Bellaïche noted on Google

4 months ago
Afonso Li noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very authentic wow! People welcomed us with so much love. Just exceptional ❤️ (Original) Très authentique wow! Les gens nous ont accueilli avec tellement d’amour. Juste exceptionnel ❤️

4 months ago
沈安琪 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) It tastes delicious! There are free pickled radishes, and you can help yourself with the chili seasoning. Every chili pepper grows on the stomachs of Guizhou people, and I made three plates of chili directly. The portion is large, and each person can't finish one portion. Girls with small appetites can order a smaller portion to share. Returning to China in a second, every dish has a familiar Chinese taste. It is a paradise for my Chinese stomach! ! ! The four of us also ordered one mutton, one chicken feet, one chicken soup and one ice noodle! The chicken soup is delicious! The chicken feet are sweet and sour but not spicy, the ice powder tastes good, and the mutton is very tasty. (Original) 味道很好吃!有免费的泡萝卜,辣椒调料自取,每一种辣椒都长在贵州人的胃上,直接干了三盘辣椒。分量大,人均一份吃不完,食量小的女生可以少点一份一起分享。一秒回国,每一道菜品都是熟悉的中国味道,是我这个中国胃的天堂!!!四个人还点了一份羊肉一份鸡爪一份鸡汤一份冰粉!鸡汤很好喝!鸡爪酸甜口不辣,冰粉味道也不错,羊肉很入味。

4 months ago
Marine lécuyer noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Pleasant restaurant, the dishes are super tasty. Very generous and really good value for money. The staff is pleasant and very attentive to the well-being of customers. (Original) Restaurant agréable les plats sont hyper savoureux. Très copieux et un rapport qualité prix vraiment très bon. Le personnel est agréable et très attentif au bien être des clients.

4 months ago
Hongru Yang noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Today, I was torn among many Chinese restaurants and finally chose this one for 12.8 euros. The portion of beef is really big and large. It comes with side dishes and a pot of mint water. My main dish is handmade noodles, which are really delicious. Authenticity beats most Chinese food in the UK. I was very satisfied with the meal and left happily. There is a reason why everyone says French Chinese food is authentic. (Original) 今天在众多中餐里面纠结 最后选了这家 12.8欧 这牛肉分量肉眼可见 真就又多又大块 送了旁边的小菜 还有一壶薄荷水 我的主食选的是手工面 真的是好吃啊 很正宗 吊打英国大部分中餐了 吃的很满意然后美美的离开~大家都说法国中餐正宗是有原因的

4 months ago

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